Alkaline pH foods can provide all the nutrients that your body needs. The consumption of this kind of food must be regularly practiced to help you look younger, feel better and to live stronger. Filling your body with different nutrients from an array of food list options is a healthy habit you need to adopt.


The foods we eat release either acid or alkaline in the body after digestion. Acid residue provides some detriments although a human body needs 20 to 30% acidity. In comparison, alkaline gives numerous benefits for improved health. Both of these residues must be collected in the body to balance the pH levels. Improper intake of acid and alkaline can cause your body to feel weak and to get easily tired. Hence, the proper ratio of alkaline and acid must be balanced. Maintaining and balancing your inner body structure is the secret to a healthy life.

Too much acid in the body is not good. You will suffer different kinds of physical pains and ailments. An acidic person will feel tired and stressed out most of the time. He will lack enough energy to boost his body from doing certain normal activities. The worst part is – he will start inheriting various kinds of illnesses. Some of the common illnesses of over acidity are muscular pains, joint pains, asthma, bronchitis, cancer, tuberculosis and depression. Over acidification also helps your body accumulate more fat causing you to become obese. This is the rationale why alkaline is more dominant than acid. Controlling the amount of acid you put into your body is one way to get healthy.

There is also a need to control your alkaline intake. Your body also needs about 70 to 80% alkaline. Do not make your body full of 100% alkaline. Needless to say, it is advisable for you to eat lots of alkaline foods in order to attain the percentage of alkaline which your body must have. Therefore, it must be a regular habit for you to eat fruits as well as vegetables and to drink healthy beverages. Staying fit can be easily maintained through the regular intake of alkaline foods.

Consuming alkaline pH foods is the lifestyle that can dramatically change your overall health. You will feel better, more active and fit if you will practice eating healthy foods. Following this health guide is the right way towards your improved physical well being.


Change your bad eating habits and start eating alkaline pH foods. Gain an incredible energy level, achieve better physical shape and avoid suffering from serious illnesses.